Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose Program

Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose in 8 Weeks

In 2008 I published my book, ‘Discovering & Living Your Soul’s Purpose’ and in the same year recorded my CD, ‘Awakening To Your Divine Self’  both were a great success. I produced both products specifically for my clientele as so many people around the world were desiring to work with me and could not due to the distance and travel expenses, also many people did not have the means to get to me as some of my clients live in remote areas on the planet. So, I asked my guides, “how can I bring my work to all the people who are seeking guidance and awareness on how to be whole, in alignment to their truth and be on purpose?”

This 8 week online program that you are about to embark into is what has come out of the ever growing need from women all over the world seeking to be in balance, on purpose and living a powerful life from their own truth, what ever that may come to be.

Each week, you will come to understand why, how, when and where your life’s purpose comes from, how to unveil the obstacles that have held you back and how to take immediate action to clarify and empower yourself to walk in purpose.

It is my great honor and delight that you have come here to discover your soul’s purpose and that you have chosen me as your guide.


Deborah Skye King

Founder & President of                                                                                                                 Soul Therapy International

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